Stickers & Pins

Project Overview
A collection of stickers, pins and more that I have created over the years. These illustrations are all side-projects and fun items for friends and family.
My Contributions
I designed, sourced printing, reviewed proofs and learned more about printing.

Annual Ski Trip

Every year, I create stickers and badges for an annual ski trip with friends.

Pins & Buttons

Pin by pin and button by button, I'll fill this canvas.
Have Fun
, 2016 - Soft Touch Matte Button 1.25"
Easter Egg
, 2016 - Soft Touch Matte Button 1.25"
Hot Topic Chic
, 2017 - Soft Enamel Pin Black Metal 1"
BC/EFA Angel
, 2019 - Soft Enamel Pin Gold Metal .75"