Sheena Iyengar

Freelance Branding
Project Overview
As a tenured professor, speaker, writer and blind person, Sheena Iyengar needed a logo and imagery that communicated her authentically.
My Contributions
Create a word mark inspired by Sheena's own signature for her website and business cards and updated imagery for promotional materials.

Art directed her photography with Daniel Seung Lee
When creating this logo, I struggled showcasing her authentically when she couldn't see. This mark communicates her authentically by originating from her signature.

When applied to her business cards, I specifically choose letterpress so both Sheena and the receiver could recognize the card based solely on touch.


Working with Daniel was a joy. We collaborated on a full day shoot where we shot in multiple locations and in multiple outfits. We looked to capture her as professor, as a mentor, as a mother and as a person.