Member Access

Product Design Lead
2016 - 2020
ASCAP needed to change the conversation around how members perceived the brand from an out-dated experiences. Member were unable to self-serve and many items required manual ASCAP staff intervention.
My role and responsibilities included ideation, design and setting the systems for the design team going forward. I created the initial designs and set the original grid system, type styles and more.
Working with numerous product managers, designers, back-end engineers, front-end engineers, internal stakeholders and more. Every project was a team effort across the organization to layer in member feedback and insights.
All numbers, information and names are for reference only and do not reflect real values.
Create a singular experience for member's needs
Update for the responsive web
Simplify the experience based on member feedback

Initial Launch

First Iteration

The goal of this first iteration was to provide the same functionality that existed today and move to a modern framework to allow for future development and mobile viewing. We also pulled the navigation into Member Access allowing for a seamless navigation between and Member Access.


Unify the Experience

Create an integrated navigation between the and Member Access


Create an adaptive mobile experience to allow for member to access their content on the go
Mobile First?

When I first joined ASCAP, I wanted to approach everything from mobile first but I realized that level of tech and design maturity hadn’t been reached yet. We needed to have a good adaptive site.

Works Registration

First Iteration

An essential part of the member journey

Works Registration is the cornerstone of the ASCAP process. With each work registered, it is then looked for across DSPs, radio stations and tv channels where it is rated and the value is distributed back to the parties.



Simplify to a 1-page form to reduce time to register and reduce the perceived variations of works.


Integrate with Member Access to increase ease of use and maintain a singular experience


Create an adaptive mobile experience to allow for member to access their content on the go


Explicitly allow users to edit works and show what is and is not editable

Existing Product


15+ Minutes

Creating a work took way longer then the song iteself. Each page and block of text slowed the process for users down


Members dreaded having to use the form. It seemed overwhelming and would schedule admin days to tackle it.


Members wanted to be notified of when works were added to their catalog withou thaving to pro actively check

User Testing


As part of the redesign, we needed to justify to the different departments how the update would effect their legacy content. As a team we spent time unpacking what was the most important communication for each ASCAP audience and providing a space for further content.


~1.30 min.

Members responded it was faster to register and averaging at 1.30 minutes

34% Increase

We viewed in 34% increase in works registration

17% Mobile

17% of users used mobile to start a work

22% Edited

The functionality of editing works were utilized by 22% of users

Quaver Implementation


As different components was updated via Quaver, the work registration process became more consistent with member enrollment and the overall member experience. This is an example of the typography, card updates and other refinements, view more in the quaver project.

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Video Walkthrough

Users after login can access the registration page directly from the dashboard.

From there they can register a work with just a work title and a writer-publisher pair.

Afterwards they can view it in the works list.

Feature Callouts

Global Nav

Integrated work registration, previously a separate application, into Member Access allowing it to be accessed from anywhere within or Member Access.  


Created a help center to increase the transparency in information about registration to members stuck on a particular section.

Progress Bar

Progress bar for members to see all the possible content for their work registration

Singular Focus

Focusing on an important part of the work, the work title.

Recent writers

Writers from previous registrations show up here allowing for members to quickly tab and add.

Identified Parties

Each party on a work needs to be identified and already a member of a society.

Optional Information

ASCAP uses numerous data points to match songs that are recorded to works in their repertory.

Message Notifications

This video was created to help show the board and other internal stakeholders how the message notifications would work for our members. It walks through the user getting the email, tapping to open and clicking into their work list to view their new works.

Mobile Pass

Helping members access their Important Information

The quickest way to identify a member when registering is with their IPI number. We wanted to create a way for members to easily access this without having to log into MA so we created a wallet item for iOS and Android.


Since it’s launch in 2017, 1 out of 10 of our active member access users have downloaded their pass

Interactive Earnings

Launch Iteration

Data Visualization

For the first time, we launched the functionality for members to view the contents of their statement in the browser. We showed percentage breakdowns by category and their top works across categories. Previously this would require manual effort and calculation.

Updated Interactive Earnings

View Earnings Across Distributions

With the update to interactive earnings, members can view their top works, cues and performance categories over multiple quarters allowing for deeper insights without the use of 3rd party tools. It is the member's data and they should be able to view it easily and use it to make more informed decisions.


Typography Updates

Creating Consistency

When we first launched MA, multiple developers and designers created inconsistent approaches to common elements. Typography was the first element we tackled globally to make more consistent.

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