AR Filter

Director of Product Design
2019 - 2020
Project Overview
ASCAP always is looking at how music is being used and performed. In this ever changing music environment, ASCAP wanted to showcase our understanding and capabilities by launching a AR filter for our members to enjoy. Originally, it focused around promoting the ASCAP Experience and then post-COVID had to be retooled to showcase members performing original songs at home.
My Contributions
After receiving the direction to conceptualize a project that utilizes augmented reality. I sourced numerous potential agencies, conduct interviews and presented a recommendation for an engagement. After the recommendation, I work with counsel on the contract and the scope of work. From there we engaged and began to collaborate. I contributed creative ideas and helped guide the agency, Spinning Rock. After we had suitable ideas, I guided the internal presentations and acquired cross-departmental support. From there, it was time to launch and then COVID hit, so we had to pivot.





Filter Launch

Video was created by the Marketing team to showcase the AR Filter and educate our instagram followers on how to use it. Our goal was to encourage engagement and hear the songs our members are creating.

Original Goals
Promote the 2020 ASCAP Experience
Promote ASCAP’s understanding and use of emerging technologies
Pre-Covid Filter

To help promote ASCAP’s annual conference and drive ticket sales, we create a filter that imagined the user speaking at the event.

COVID-19 Goals
Engage with our members in this COVID distanced world.
Promote ASCAP’s understanding and use of emerging technologies
Launched Filter

Due to COVID, the annual event had to be canceled and moved online. To utilize some of the creative, we modified the filter to showcase members performing their songs at home so we can feature them.

Partnering with Spinning Rock

Working with them was easy and seamless. They were able to quickly create ideas and help us sell them internally

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